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Please select one of the options below concerning whether or not you are attending with a partner. If you and your partner are booking identically, you will not need to fill out a separate form, just their name and email. Their booking will then be automatically generated to match yours.

If you have already chosen the Leader's or Follower's technique workshop and you switch to the option to book identical packages, the matching workshop will automatically be selected for you.

If you wish to book different packages from each other or a different set of workshops, you may be better booking separately.

Dance Packages

You are welcome to build your own package by selecting "None", but it will work out cheaper to select a package if you wish to attend several of the dancing opportunities. Each package is individually priced. The price is shown below each package.

This year, we have not included any workshops in packages. Instead, the workshop prices become lower the more you book.

Some packages include workshops, or some or all of the dancing. If you select one of these packages, the included aspects will be indicated by a blue box. Please note that if you switch to a different package, you will need to manually deselect anything that was previously included, but is no longer required.

Milongas and Tango Cafés

The milongas, ball and tango cafés are included in various packages, but you can choose to add extras should you wish. The prices are shown below each event.

Booking for any of the evening milongas on Friday or Saturday automatically gives you access to the milonga in the ballroom and the milonga in the pillar room. On Sunday evening, all dancing is in the main ballroom.


The price of workshops depends upon the number of workshops booked. The more workshops you book, the lower the price as shown below. Please note that if you are booking an identical package for a partner, the number of workshops is counted separately for each partner.

Please note that BT-T0 and BT-T1 may only be booked by choosing the beginner package, BEGIN. Both are automatically included in this package.

It is notoriously difficult to ensure that everyone in a given workshop is of an appropriate level. Please try and book for workshops which are of an appropriate level for you. Our guide may help you. Please note that, for example, an advanced workshop including volcadas would assume that you are already able to do a volcada. We cannot guarantee that the teachers will be teaching the basic skills in the more advanced classes. Please be considerate of other people booking a workshop and try not to book a workshop which is beyond your current ability.

Please note that you book higher level classes at your own risk. We will be unable to return your money if the class was pitched at the advertised level, but was too challenging for you.

Please note that you if you book workshops without a partner, while we will try and match you with another single booker, we can make no guarantees that this is possible nor about their level. Your safest option is to ask someone to partner you for the workshops!

Standard Workshops

All standard priced workshops count towards your total allocation for pricing purposes.