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FAQ - Has my booking been successful?

Once you have filled in your booking, click "Review Booking". This will show you a page which summarises your booking details as well as giving you an opportunity to change them. You will also then see a button which says "Confirm Booking". Once you click this you may have to wait for up to 30 seconds or so. However, you should then see a page which says "Booking Sent Successfully".

FAQ - Where is my automated email reply?

Although our system sends out an automated email, the increasingly severe spam filters from some companies (Google, we mean you!) make it more and more difficult to guarantee that automated emails make it through. If you don't receive an automated email immediately, or even at all, don't panic! We will email you manually within a few days.

FAQ - Can I book as a dual role dancer?

We have the option to book as a dual role dancer. If you intend to dance roughly 50/50 as a leader and a follower, you should choose this option. If you only occasionally switch to "the other" role, please choose your main role instead.

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By clicking the "Book Now" button you are requesting to book the items you have chosen. Please do not attempt to pay until we have confirmed the availability of your specific choices.

Partner Options

Please note that priority will be given to those booking as couples. You are welcome to book individually, but we cannot guarantee a place as we will be trying to keep the leader/follower balance close to equal.

Please select one of the options below concerning whether or not you are attending with a partner. If you and your partner are booking identically, you will not need to fill out a separate form, just their name and email. Their booking will then be automatically generated to match yours.

Personal Details

Please enter your contact details below and, if doing any workshops, your intended role as leader, follower or dual.

Please select your intended role in any workshops

Partner's Personal Details

Please enter your partner's contact details below.

Your partner's role in any workshops.

Dance Packages

Until 1st June 2024, milongas may only be booked by using package ALD. After this date, you will also have the option to book individual milongas - subject to availability - by selecting package "NONE".

Workshops are not included in the package. Please book those separately below.

Milongas and Tango Cafés

Until 1st June 2024 milongas may only be booked using the "All Dancing Pass". After that date, you will be able to book individual milongas, subject to availability.

Booking FRIM, SATB or SUNB automatically gives you access to the milongas in Salón Canning (ballroom) and La Confitería Ideal (pillar room). WARM, SATC and SUNC are all in Salón Canning (ballroom) only.


It is notoriously difficult to ensure that everyone in a given workshop is of an appropriate level. Please try and book for workshops which are of an appropriate level for you. Our guide may help you. Please note that, for example, an advanced workshop including volcadas would assume that you are already able to do a volcada. We cannot guarantee that the teachers will be teaching the basic skills in the more advanced classes. Please be considerate of other people booking a workshop and try not to book a workshop which is beyond your current ability.

Please note that you book higher level classes at your own risk. We will be unable to return your money if the class was pitched at the advertised level, but was too challenging for you.

Please note that you if you book workshops without a partner, while we will try and match you with another single booker, we can make no guarantees that this is possible nor about their level. Your safest option is to ask someone to partner you for the workshops!

Standard Workshops

All standard priced workshops count towards your total allocation for pricing purposes.