Our live music.


Guillermo Rozenthuler and The London Tango Orchestra


The London Tango Orchestra is the largest professional tango group in the country, a real "orquesta tipica" uniting leading UK tango musicians with players from Argentina. The orchestra was founded in 2009 by Caroline Pearsall (violin) and is the first of its kind in the UK, featuring Argentine vocalist Guillermo Rozenthuler. Alongside them, accomplished US-born pianist Andrew Oliver - who accompanied the late Alberto Podesta, bass wizard Tom Mason and Argentine bandoneon player Guillermo Willis.

The orchestra performs music from the rich repertoire of tango, old and new, sharing its love of tango music through concerts, milongas and workshops and cultural exchanges between musicians from Europe and Argentina.

Their performances so far include the Southbank Centre, Chelsea Arts Club, El Once Tango Club, Tango Federico, St James Church in Piccadilly, Ignite Concert Series at the Royal Albert Hall, the City of London Festival, Union Chapel, The Forge, Lets Tango UK Carnival Milonga, Tangoffs, Learning tango, Tango Alchemy, Tango South, Reading Tango Festival and Halle Tango Festival in Germany and soon, and for the second consecutive year, the Cheltenham International Tango Festival.

The quintet consists of:

  • Violin: Caroline Pearsall
  • Piano: Andrew Oliver
  • Bass: Tom Mason
  • Bandoneon: Guillermo Willis
  • Vocals: Guillermo Rozenthuler

Here is a sample of their playing to whet your appetite before we get to dance to them on Saturday night at the Cheltenham International Tango Festival!