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Information on the Website

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Making a Booking

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  • We recommend that you do not make any payments until we have confirmed your booking by email.
  • We aim to keep a balance between leaders and followers in workshops. If you choose to book without a partner, you will in most cases be added to a waiting list until we find you a suitable partner. If this is the case, you will be informed by email. We recommend that you do not make the final payment until we confirm that we have found you a partner.

Cancellation of a Booking

In most cases, once you have made a booking this constitutes a commitment on your part to pay for your booking as it stands. However, there are some conditions under which you may alter or cancel your booking:

  • Should we be forced to change providers for one of the workshops or dancing for which you have booked, you will be informed and you will have the option to change to an alternative workshop or dancing if this is still available. In the event that you do not wish to alter your booking, you will be refunded the cost of that workshop or dancing.
  • In the event that the whole CITF is cancelled, you will be refunded your payments in full, less any cost incurred in the booking process.

Alterations to this Agreement

We may, from time to time, alter any or all of the terms and conditions of our website. You agree that you will always be bound by the terms and conditions currently in force when you visit our website. In the case of bookings, we agree that we will be bound by the terms and conditions which were in force on the day of your booking.

Terms and Conditions for Cheltenham International Tango Festathon

This constitutes the terms and conditions for the Cheltenham International Tango Festathon.

Programme of Events

We will endeavour to keep the details of all events which constitute the festathon as advertised on the website. However, in organising the festathon, we rely on many external bodies and providers. We cannot therefore guarantee that we will not have to make changes. If we are forced to make a change, we will update the details in advance where practical in order to keep you informed.

Changes and Cancellations

In the event of a significant change or a cancellation to a workshop, you will be given the opportunity to change to another available workshop or receive a refund for that particular workshop.

In the event that one of our teaching couples is unable to attend, CITF will immediately endeavour to replace them with someone of a similar quality if possible. Should you not be satisfied with the replacement teachers, CITF will endeavour to place you in different workshops where possible or to refund you the cost of the workshops you have lost. In the event that you choose not to attend the festathon as a consequence, CITF will not be liable for any travel or accommodation costs you have incurred. We would of course prefer that you still attend anyway.

In the event that you are unable to attend the festathon, we will endeavour to behave in a "friendly" manner concerning refunds, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee a full or indeed any refund due to costs we may have incurred. If this situation arises, please contact us and we will make a decision on an individual basis.

If you need or wish to change any aspect of your booking, please contact us and quote your booking reference. We will endeavour to change your booking in accordance with your wishes. However, please note that we can make no guarantees about the availability of alternative workshops. If you choose to cancel a workshop, we cannot guarantee a refund.


Please note that with respect to refunds for any agreed reason, we will only refund at the price you paid. If you booked before the reduced rate deadline, you will receive a refund at the reduced price.

If you booked a workshop as part of a package, please note that in the event of a refund of the cost of that workshop, the refund will be slightly less than the full cost of a workshop as all packages include a built-in reduction.


The rooms we use are not all the same size, so we reserve the right to rearrange the rooms in which each event occurs according to our needs. The website will usually contain the latest information prior to the festathon. However, during the festathon, we cannot guarantee that this will always be fully up to date. Information provided in the festathon venues will be the definitive version. We will endeavour to keep the subscribable Google calendar of events up to date during the festathon.

Parking at the venues

There is a small car park at The Town Hall, but all spaces are reserved for Town Hall Staff or CITF staff. Please do not park there without a permit.

There is a small amount of street parking outside The Bayshill venue. Please do not park in any of the spaces opposite the building as these are privately owned and their owners have been known to complain to us.

We recommend that if you need to park in town rather than walk or use a taxi or bus, you use one of the parking options outlined on our Google map

Alterations to this Agreement

We may, from time to time, alter any or all of the terms and conditions of our festathon. We will always endeavour to let you know via this website if there are any significant changes.