Workshops available at the CITF.

We have put together a range of workshops at different levels and in each of the different dances. Please choose workshops which are of an appropriate level for you.

Code Title Teacher(s) Description Dance Level Cost Spaces


Enjoyment of Tango - Embrace and Free Movement Jolanta and Daina

Tango is a conversation between two equal partners. Even though the Leader is usually thought of as initiating or proposing the dance, the Follower also has an active role and can strongly influence the dancing.

Jolanta and Daina will help you to understand how to enjoy each others' embrace, how to initiate the conversation and how to move freely within the embrace whilst keeping the vital connection with your partner.

Connection Intermediate £15.00 Spaces


Traspie or not traspie - Finding your rhythm in milonga Jolanta and Adrian

A key part of the shape and feel of milonga is the rhythm. Should you be dancing milonga lisa or milonga traspie? How on the beat are you? How can you vary the rhythm?

Jolanta and Adrian investigate these questions and consider where in milonga music you can use the traspie, plus where perhaps you shouldn't.

Milonga Intermediate £15.00 Spaces