Live music at the 2024 CITF.

We love to have some live music at the CITF. We are delighted to be bringing you some at the 2024 CITF.


Cadenero Tango

A wide shot of the orchestra all playing.

Cadenero Tango

Cadenero is a tango orchestra, formed in 2018 in Valencia. They have a large repertoire of dancable tangos, aimed at the tango-dancing public.

Their arrangements emulate the great orchestras such as D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Pugliese and Troilo, recreating their styles, offering their rhythms and tones to delight the dancers.

Cadenero have performed all over Europe, including Valencia, Alicante, Rome, Naples and more.

The players are:

  • Orlando Dibelo - Bandoneón
  • Mariano Siccardi - Piano
  • Emiliano Pérez - Violín
  • Pablo Fojo - Double Bass

They were so popular at last year's Cheltenham International Tango Festathon, that we immediately invited them back again this year.